Thursday, 20 April 2017

Types of Problematic Tenants

Problematic tenants are nightmare fuel for property owners. However, there are ways to deal with these difficult people if you ever find yourself renting to one.

One type of problematic renter is the destroyer. These tenants will turn a once beautiful abode into a nightmarish wasteland that takes years of renting to recover the money it takes to repair the living space. Just because a tenant comes to you with a good history of paying on time, doesn't mean that you want them living in your space. It's good to get several references to truly flesh out their background and maybe pick up on some of the tenant's bad habits. Sending repair bills to a bill collector will save you the headache of trying to fight for money in court. If the tenant can do more destruction to your property than they have already, consult an attorney and try and get the tenant out of your living space.

Renters that do not pay their rent are another problem. These renters may try and get under your skin and appeal to your emotions with stories about why they cannot pay month after month. It's important to stick to your policy and keep emotions out of the discussion entirely. Of course, there are certain exceptions where people honestly fall on hard times, and that's why it's important to create a payment plan.

Pesty tenants can be a nuisance to you and other tenants. These renters will complain about everything and expect minor fixes to be repaired and immediately. It's good to adopt a rule that if a homeowner would not be able to get it fixed in the time that the tenant is demanding, then they need to be able to wait. There are other tenants in this category who will cause actual issues with other tenants including violence and legal issues. In either case, it is important to use legal means to get them out of your space so they do not cause more issues.

The final category of problematic tenant, is the professional tenant. These tenants will find any loopholes and legal grey areas to get their way and not pay rent. These renters have worked the system before and will continue to unless you properly screen them before hand and not allow them to rent from you. If you happen to rent to one of these types of problematic tenants, make sure to keep emotion out of any arguments that you may have and to follow tenant and renter's laws to the book.

Although problem renters can come and go as you are renting out property, there are several ways to deal with them as they come up. The most important step, and one that connects all four types together, is to have a great screening process before considering renters. It is also extremely helpful to know how the law can protect you and to have a connection with a lawyer just in case things get out of control. Allowing prospective renters real estate virtual tours via your rental website can attract the right type of renters to your property. Real estate virtual tours will highlight all the positives about your property and attract positive renters. The best type of renter will blend into the property, so the better the property is presented, the better chance you will have of getting a renter with no issues.

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